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Yes it’s been a while since we have updated.  We got burnt out on WoW in general and raiding specifically.

Took a break, did some major hardware upgrades and now it will be time to continue. Bryanne has been on the shelf while I leveled a Gnome Rogue and is likely not to continue on her existing server if she continues at all. Whether or not I actually continue leveling Bryanne, I may still write her story.

In the meantime we will try to post here once a week with something that may be useful or enteratining to all.


Bryanne’s Diary November 7th 2008 (earth date)

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Dear Journal,

Oh, my aching head. Yesterday we finally finished clearing the last of the debris from the battle. The remnants of the scourge received no formal funeral they were simply burned from a distance by Mages and Warlocks. Warlocks, ugh. I’ve never much cared for them. Yes we have some here in Chillbreeze Valley, but usually no one knows who they are. My father’s group openly runs with Warlocks and I am surprised. When I asked my dad about it Yesterday he simply said "There be bad Warlocks, and there be useful Warlocks these be useful to us."

Last night The Silver Fang started a huge celebration for all of us who survived the battle. There was ale, rum and wine aplenty and not a small amount of food. I wound up at a table with my father, Alyesia, Sarmaara and four Night Elves. Kethnisrad was apparently a Warrior by trade and married to Hatharaias who was a Druid healer. Tanin and Ridelvia were married as well and both Druids. For a time their constant shape shifting kept me giggling. I was able to find out that each form had its advantages and that they would change forms in combat as the situation warranted.

After we’d ate till we were about to burst the drinking contests began. Alyesia and Sarmaara seemed intent on trying to drink everyone under the table. Trouble is they were two Dranei Females in the presence of Dwarves. I’d never been much of a drinker, but I did my best to keep up with my Father. I know I failed at some point because I woke up this morning sprawled across the table I was sitting at last night. Tanin and Ridelvia were still there too, still sitting down, leaning against each other and snoring lightly.

I decided to check and see if my father had made it safely back to his tent. I rolled off the table, stood up and immediately regretted it. Everything started spinning I went down on one knee and grasped my head. After a few minutes I began to slowly make my way towards the mass of tents set up by The Silver Fang. On my way I passed Nori Pridedrift who stopped me and offered me a Scalding Mornbrew. "Drink it lass it’ll quiet the drums in yer head." I drank it and felt a little better. As I approached my father’s tent I noticed something unusual. Hoofprints! And not just one set of them, there were two going into his tent along with his bootprints. I decided not to go further and turned to leave and ran face first into Keruil Eyllis-Rae. "Ah, you must be Bryanne, Ardwyad’s Daughter." "Aye I am, sorry for running into ye sir." "There is no need for such formality young one" he said reassuringly "just call me Keruil." I was surprised by this and then thought of my goals I had discussed with my Uncle. "Keruil, may I ask ye a question?" "Sure you may, but first let’s move away from your father’s tent I don’t think we want to wake anyone up."

We walked back to where Nori was preparing a simple breakfast for everyone. I secured a plate of eggs, boar ribs a roll and another mug of Scalding Mornbrew. Keruil, as was customary of druids, refrained from meat and took some bread. "Now tell me Bryanne, what did you want to ask of me?" I gulped "Well, I recently came of age and have one desire I want to accomplish. I wish to join my father in his journies." Keruil regarded me solemnly "A worthy goal and from what I hear you acquitted yourself quite well in the battle here. However, you are not experienced enough to join us, yet." My heart sank I wouldn’t be joining my father after all. I felt the tears starting to well up. Keruil must have noticed this as he said "Do not despair young one I said ‘yet.’ Your father has seen battles that make the one you saw here look like the party you had last night. He has experience and training you do not, but I can help you get both. If you survive you will be more than welcome to join us."

"What must I do?" I asked "Seek out Grif Wildheart in Kharanos. Tell him your desire and he will start you on your path." "Aye I know him, I’ll ask him when I make my next trip to Ironforge." "Now Bryanne I must ask a question of you." "Of me?" "It is nothing major young one, I just want to know what it is with your father and goats." I looked up shocked and he burst out laughing. "Thought I did not notice did you?" "Aye, I had hoped, but I cannae tell ye. My father has sworn me to secrecy." Keruil chuckled some more. "That bad? Well then I shall pry no more. Ah Ardwyad, we were just speaking of you. Come sit." My father looked a bit bewildered but it was hard to tell with the smug grin he was wearing. A few moment later Alyesia and Sarmaara appeared. I giggled to myself as it was obvious they were hoping no one noticed whose tent they’d come from. I glanced at Keruil and he gave me an exaggerated wink causing my giggle to turn into a full blown guffaw. My father looked at Keruil and said "I dinnae know what that was about but if ye keep it up Keruil I’ll tell me daughter about how ye got splinters from a healer." Anyone who was awake to hear that burst out laughing and Keruil blushed and replied "I surrender, you shall never let me live that story down will you?" "Aye, yer screaming caused me to spill me last mug of Thunderbrew’s Hard Ale I saw that trip. I was in mourning fer a week!" "Good morning everyone" Interrupted Hatharaias sweetly. I’m glad to see some of you are awake even if you do look like you were rode hard and put away wet." I heard muffled gasp and glanced at Alyesia and Sarmaara. Sure enough Dranei can indeed blush!

I need to hurry as we are headed to Kharanos to see if they need any help cleaning up after the attacks. I’ll also get to check in on Razzle and Ozzie while I am there. Hopefully they are OK!

Bryanne’s Diary November 5th 2008 (earth date)

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Dear Journal,

The Scourge are gone. Whether or not we defeated them is another matter. It’s morning right now and usually my favorite time of day as the sun comes up over the mountains and illuminates the snow covered trees, but not today. Today the sun is masked by the smoke from the funeral pyres. We don’t normally burn the dead, but with the fear that some may rise as Zombies it is what is thought to be best. It is somewhat easier because those that left instructions all requested a Pyre rather than the customary burial for the same reason.

The only brightness right now is that my father is home for a short while and he brought his bear Ima with him. I guess I should record the events of the last few weeks. Someone has to tell the tale of those who we lost.

We spent most of the last two weeks readying ourselves for an attack. Weapons were cleaned, sharpened and polished. When we weren’t standing watch at the pass or sleeping we worked on building barricades or sharpening our combat skills. Even poor Felix Whindlebolt helped out by building bombs and mines. After the first few days we stopped getting supplies from Ironforge and Kharanos. Adlin Pridedrift and Hands Springsprocket both said it was too dangerous as there was a lot of Zombies appearing in Ironforge and occasionally Kharanos.

Shortly after that Hegnar Rumbleshot arrived with a wagon load of ammunition and explosives as well as a Mortar Team. He had decided to come to our valley since he hadn’t seen many supplies headed our way. Needless to say this good fortune lifted our spirits. It was the last we had.

Yesterday morning the alarm spread through the valley: “Zombies are approaching!” We all grabbed our weapons and ran to the pass. I managed to get up on a rock where I had a good view into Dun Morogh. What I saw was a dark wave lurching towards us. “Everyone remember, if ye get infected try to run to the rear so I or Branstock Khalder can cleanse you!” Shouted Bromos Grummner, our leading Paladin in the valley. Those of us who had the ability to attack at a distance readied our weapons to try to hit the approaching zombies as early as possible so as to keep them back. There was little to do but wait now.

Our defense was set up a short distance back from the entrance to the pass. The plan was to force any attackers to funnel in so only a few could try to attack at any one time. This made it easier for us to defend the Valley and would hopefully limit our casualties.

Just as the mass of Zombies got close to the pass several of them suddenly burst into flames. The work of Alamar Grimm and his cadre of Warlocks no doubt. Then it was my turn. Shouldering my rifle I fired in concert with the rest of the Hunters of Chillbreeze Valley. Then Marryk Nurribit and his mages let loose with their spells as well. The mass of zombies appeared to fall back, but then I realized that it was an illusion caused by our all firing at once. As I reloaded I heard a cry from the rear: “Mortar Combat!” and the mortar team fired. The explosion ripped a large hole in the mass of zombies, but just as quickly it filled in. I fired my rifle again and prayed that we had enough ammunition and that someone would come to our aid soon.

Our first casualty took me by surprise, Virina Crystalseeker was a quiet priest who was standing near me trying to cleanse those at the front of the line. Suddenly I heard a wet splat near me and looked over to see her staring straight ahead with a small axe dripping green ooze sticking out of her head. I stood and yelled “Casualty here!” and turned to resume to firing. Out of the corner of my eye I saw someone drag her corpse off. Then something took my leg out from under me with the force of a charging Boar. I looked down and saw an axe similar to the one that had killed Virina in my thigh.

The sensation was rather odd, I didn’t feel pain at first it just looked strange. Then the wound started to burn hotter than the forge in Ironforge. “I’m injured and infected!” I cried while starting to crawl to the rear. Suddenly several sets of strong hands grabbed me and I was carried to the back. Branstock Khalder was on me almost immediately removing the axe and bathing me in a light similar to what I’d seen when I’d scrapped with Rostislaav. The fire in my leg disappeared and a steady throbbing pain took its place.

“Ye best stay back here lass.” Branstock advised “we canna do more for ye cause we need to save our energy for cleansing the infected.” “I willna sit here like an invalid when I can still do some good on the line.” I protested. I reached into my pack, produced a few linen bandages and proceeded to bandage my leg tightly. “This may not be perfect, but if we dinnae hold that line it won’t matter.” With that I lifted my gun and started hobbling back to the front stopping only long enough to pick up some extra ammunition for anyone who needed it.

The battle had gone for hours with no signs of letting up. While we were holding we’d lost enough that it was a certainty that we couldn’t keep our defense up much longer. I tried my best to push the thoughts of death and undeath from my mind and focused on bringing the zombies down one at a time. That was when the rumbling started. It started a deep roar and the ground shook harder as the sound got louder. I heard a few say “Plague Tanks” I didn’t know what they were talking about, but it didn’t sound good.

Almost as fast as the noise started it stopped and was replaced by sweet sweet music to our ears. We heard the blasts of heavy rifles, the crackling of high level magic spells and the zombies seemed to lose interest in us almost immediately. It was almost as if as one they became afraid. I remember thinking how unusual that was when my thoughts were interrupted by a throaty roar and a flash of white cutting a wide swath through the zombies. I knew that roar! I only knew of one creature that sounded and fought like that and that creature was my Father’s bear, Imagonneatu!

I watched as Ima finished his run turned and repeated it on the way back. I may be wrong but it looked as if Ima was enjoying himself. Even the mortar team was awed by the level of destruction he was causing. Then we started to see figures pushing into the cave wearing armor the likes of which I’d never seen. There were more animals than just Ima with them: cats, bears and strange, fat, waddling Owl-like creatures I had never seen before. What really shocked me was the trees that were walking with me, what kind of sorcery was this?

The zombies were steadily pushed back from our barriers and back out to the valley. Behind the main force was a team of Warlocks who brought fire down on the fallen zombies while their Imps continually blasted those zombies still moving with fire bolts. It wasn’t too much longer before the only noise left was the crackling of fires and the groaning of the wounded and dying behind me. Then the cheering started.

I couldn’t bring myself to joining in. I was relieved, but I had seen so much death in a very short time and nearly died myself. All I could think about was the look on Virina’s face after the axe had killed her. I sat down, clutched my rifle to me and started to cry.

I don’t know how long I was sitting there. It was Ima’s soft huff in my ear that broke me out of my session of despair. I looked up into the Big White Bear’s face only to get licked. That’s when I saw my father approaching.

“I shoulda known ye’d be in the thick of this Bryanne, from the looks of ye I’d say this is yer first battle.” My father sat down and gently slipped an arm around me. “I cannae make it any easier fer ye lass, every one ye lose hurts. Ye just learn to deal with it a little better as time goes on. Or ye get really drunk.”

My father had a point, so I decided to try to bury my sorrow by finding out more about this group he was traveling with. I watched as one of the bears approached Bromos Grummner then I could not believe what I saw next. The bear transformed into a Night Elf! “Greetings I am Keruil Eyllis-Rae, leader of The Silver Fang. I offer any and all assistance to you and your brave fighters here.” His voice was deep and smooth as velvet. “Dad, what is that Night Elf, how come he can transform?” “Ah, not met a druid yet hae ye? That is Keruil the leader of our group, come I’ll introduce ye.” My father stood up and pulled me up with him at which point my injured leg gave out and I nearly pulled him down. “Why lass you’re hurt! Let me get someone to take care of ye. Sit back down and wait here.” With that my father was off with a flash.

A few moments later he appeared out of the crowd again with what I was sure was a Dranei female. The difference between them and Rostislaav was that while he had a powerful build they had lithe slender build. Coupled with their blue skin and glowing eyes they were absolutely hypnotic.

“Bryanne I’d like ye ta meet. Alyesia is a Shaman and will fix yer leg right up fer ye.” “Please, just lie still and I vill have your leg fixed in a moment” She said in a smooth husky voice that was just a hypnotic as her appearance. In then a green light formed around her and shot to me. The feeling was a combination of a warm bath and taking a dip in the lake. After a moment it ceased and I looked down to see that other than the hole in my leggings there was no sign of my injury. I stood and it felt as good as new. “I dinnae know how to thank ye Alyesia, tis better than before the fight I think.” “Thank me not darling, it is but a small repayment for all your father has done for me.” We were interrupted by Keruil calling for Alyesia, “Sounds like I am needed elsewhere, I shall see you soon.” With a quick kiss on my father’s cheek she was off.

“Did you ever tell her about that time ye found that crate of Ogre Grog in the Badlands?” “We not be speaking of such things daughter.” My father said emphatically “Oh so ye hae a girlfriend now do ye?” “I’m not quite sure. We get along quite well, but she could do much better than the likes of me. Then there’s the fact we’re from different worlds.”

I sat and pondered this. It had been 6 years since mom’s death, but it seemed like my Father was still carrying a torch for her. I wished there was something I could do, I just had no idea what. My father broke the silence first. “Well we best be seeing what we can do to help clean up this mess. I imagine there will be a celebration brewing in the next day or two.”

Without another word we both went to work. My father, along with his compatriots pitched in wherever they could. They were an interesting group to behold, I had never thought Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes and Dranei would work so well together. But work they did and while it was obvious they had a rank structure they all treated each other as equals.

After the dead were gathered and the pyres prepared, the members of The Silver Fang set up camp. I tried to get my father to join us in Anvilmar, but he refused saying it wouldn’t be right. He did at least agree to let Ima stay with me. There was something different about Ima now, at times it almost felt like he was trying to say something to me. Maybe it had just been too long since I’d seen him.

After the camp was setup we gathered to pay our respects to the dead. I looked at those I knew and those I had called friend and wished that none of this had happened. Once again the Scourge had taken from me. Along with Virina Crystalseeker we had also lost Grimmhaur Coppercutter. Just a few years from coming of age, but his abilities had already shown a potential to become a legendary Dwarven Warrior. Gan Stonemelter, drawn to the light he had flourished under Bromos Grummner’s training.

Then there were the Gnomes. So few left after their betrayal in Gnomeregan yet their positive outlook, quick humor, and quirky habits of tinkering with everything were a constant source of amusement. Today Marta Rotabelt, Jemma Hydroscope, Tansy Electrowedge, Bubulo Turboscope, Sicco Thermotorque, Wizzle Cyclochain and Herble Graviwinch have joined their dead.

As we gathered before the pyres Bromos said a few words, followed by Marryk Nurrbit. Then Keruil Eyllis-Rae said a few words followed by a Dranei who I believed to be named Saemaara. Then we lit the fires and after sitting for a bit we all went to our respective beds. As I lay down I once again felt something from Ima. Whatever it was I felt very relaxed and immediately fell asleep.

What Project Silver Is

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Project Silver will not be a live guild in World of Warcraft. It will be a collection of ideas that I think are hallmarks of a good guild. Some may conflict with each other others may compliment each other. My opinion on some issues may change over time. Right now I just would like a place to throw all my musings for easy reference later.


Project Silver

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It’s been a while coming but I have decided to do a “Paper Project” on forming a guild in World of Warcraft. 

More to come.



Bryanne’s Diary Tuesday October 21 and 22, 2008 (Earth Date)

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This morning I had one errand to do, fetch the Scalding Mornbrew for my Uncle and Durnan Furcutter and then return their mugs. I got up early and dressed in the new outfit my father had given me, made sure I had ammo for my gun and that my axe was as sharp as it could be (which in all honesty wasn’t very) and off I went.

On my way to see Mr. Pridedrift I encountered Talin Keeneye who fancies himself a renowned hunter but in reality is so scared of the Crag Boars that inhabit our valley that he rarely ventures away from his small camp. “Bryanne! Do ye think you could take some time and make me huntin’ grounds safer? These Boars are all riled up and seem to want to attack anything that moves, if’n you’ll take the job I’ll gladly pay you some copper coin.”

I didn’t really need the money as Dad has always seen to it I had plenty, but I was in a foul mood and taking it out on a few Boars seemed like fun. So I took the job and told him I’d take care of it after my errand.

Upon entering Mr. Pridedrift’s camp I, or more correctly my outfit immediately became the center of attention. Everyone recognized my Father’s craftsmanship when they saw it and they all wanted to know if he was visiting. After explaining that he had sent the package I finally got the Mornbrew from Mr. Pridedrift. I asked him if he would mind if I killed a few boars for Talin Keeneye on the way back. “Take yer time lass!” He responded, “just get them back to me before supper time and all will be well.” With that I was off like a shot. Mornbrew is a tricky drink on the best of days, it had to be consumed while it was hot if it was to be any good. Fortunately I made it to Anvilmar in record time, collected the empty mugs into my pack and headed out.

On the way to return the mugs I shot an even dozen boars. Mr. Keeneye was more than a bit drunk when I delivered them, but he still paid me the agreed upon 5 copper per corpse. With that I delivered the mugs and set off for the pass into Dun Morogh .

Upon reaching the pass I spotted Mountaineer Thalos monitoring the entrance to the cave. “Trogs getting to be a problem again Thalos?” I asked “Aye, they seem more riled than usual, but I imagine you’ll be able to handle them just fine.” With that news I made sure my gun and axe were ready and entered the cave. Thalos wasn’t kidding, normally you could keep a good distance from them and slip by. Now it seemed that they would attack anything that they saw move. To prove my theory I grabbed a rock and threw it near two of them. Sure enough they set upon it like a pair of rabid animals after a piece of raw meat.

After making it through the pass it took me a couple of hours to jog to Ironforge and after catching my breath I found Rostislaav alone at his usual table upstairs in the Inn, drinking. “Rostislaav, we need to talk.” I growled. “My darling Bryanne! I have been expecting you, come, sit.” He half-slurred while futilly grasping for the chair just out of his reach. “I hae no time to sit my blue screened friend, you have been playing me for the fool all this time and I mean to put an end to it!” “My dear lady” he said while bolting out of his chair, “vhatever could hyou mean?” “I mean that story about your family jewels! You’re not telling a real story, you’re making a perverse joke aren’t you?” “My dear” he said with a wink “vould hyou like to find out?”

Now at this point I must inform anyone who has not seen a Dranei that they are big; Rostislaav is nearly twice my size in height and weight, but none of that mattered to me in my anger I simply did what any good Dwarf would do. I punched him. Unfortunately for him, because of our size difference I found out that he was indeed playing a perverse joke. He bent over letting out something between a gasp of air and a scream and in a flash I was on him pummeling him. We crashed down the steps to the main floor of the Inn and that is where I paid the price for forgetting about the difference between our two races as he literally landed on me. The last thing I remembered was a big blue mass coming my way as I fell backwards.

When I came to it felt like something was slowly warming me from the inside out. I heard an unfamiliar voice say: “Good she’s coming out of it, just a little more and I think she’ll be all better.” I slowly opened my eyes to see Gwenna Firebrew hovering over me with a wet cloth, but off to the side was an odd glow. I looked over and there was Rostislaav in what appeared to be deep concentration with his hands glowing. Then it dawned on me, Rostislaav was a Paladin!

“I… I think I’m OK now” I said struggling to sit up. As I did the room began to spin and heave violently around me. I groaned rather loudly and Mrs. Firebrew helped me to lay back down. “There, there Deary you still need to rest a moment, not many creatures in this world can break a Dranei’s fall and live to tell the tale. Rostislaav, I think you’ve done all you can for her for now.”

The light dimmed and Rostislaav paused for a moment as if gathering the energy to do anything. His head was slick with perspiration and for the first time since I had met him his goggles were off. It was only then that I noticed his eyes. One had a small, dark patch over it and the other just didn’t look quite right. I knew the Orcs had done some damage to him, I just never knew how much.

“My most humble apologies Bryanne I did not know you would take such offence to that joke. Nor did I mean to injure you.” “I… It’s my own fault, I shouldn’t have let my temper get the better of me. I’m the one that should apologize to you.” “Ach, finally some sense gets into that famously thick Beastclaw skull” Mrs. Firebrew interrupted “here’s a Flagon of Meade for you Bryanne and for you dear Rostislaav a bottle of our best Pinot Noir. Now we’ll leave ye both be so long as ye promise not ta wreck the place!”

Very gently Rostislaav helped me sit up, the room still spun a bit and I could swear I saw some strange antlered, purple creatures dancing in a line outside, but this time I managed it without passing back out or losing the contents of my stomach. “There now, let’s hope that meade helps with your recovery.” I took a sip and felt its warmth spread through my body. Mrs. Firebrew remembered that I liked my Meade warm and spiced, something she had done to perfection! I laid my head back and closed my eyes… “Hyou must not be going to sleep Miss Bryanne, not for a bit yet anyway.” Rostislaav gently said in his deep accented voice. “I have just the thing to keep you avake, yesterday was a big birthday for you, no?” Not wanting to be rude, but still yearning to just rest I sat up. “Yes it was, I turned 40 I am now officially considered an adult and as such I get to choose a path for myself.” “And I bet you’ve had one chosen for some time haven’t hyou Bryanne, hyou wish to go and join your father in his adventures?” “I… when… how… how did ye know?!” “I could see it in your eyes m’lady. Every time you would get a letter from your father, anytime someone came calling from Outlands I could see it. One vould have to be blind not to.”

I sat there stunned, did everyone know me so well? Rostislaav interrupted my silence “Now, I believe the giving of presents is customary for one’s Birthday?” and with that he produced a large, long canvas wrapped package appeared and laid it on the table between us with an audible thump. “These are all yours.” I looked up at him and wanted to start crying, just a short while ago I wanted nothing more than to beat him and now he was presenting me with gifts?

I carefully unwrapped to package and inside found a new gun with a scope on it and several pouches of ammunition for it. “Be careful with that ammunition,” he warned “it is explosive to increase its effectiveness.” Looking at the gifts I exploded myself. Ignoring my headache I was out of my chair, over the table, hugging him and crying all at the same time.

“I can’t wait to show these to my Uncle tomorrow!” I exclaimed. Suddenly I felt Rostislaav stiffen “Hyou do not plan to return tonight?” “No, it is already getting late the guards will surely have closed the pass until daylight with the Troggs acting as they have been.” “This is not good, I have been hearing talk from people who travel here from the Norternmost reaches of the Eastern Kingdoms as well a some from Kalimdor. They report seeing strange ships appearing out of the North, vhich disappear as if they never existed. One part of the description of these ships has remained consistent. They glow vith a green aura.”

With that description it was like I had fallen into a frost trap, I physically started to shiver. “No… it can’t be, not them, not again.” “Hyou know of the Scourge then?” “Aye” I said settling back into my chair “my mother died in battle against the Scourge. Those were terrible times, to think they might be happening again…” “Do not fear my friend, rest tonight and tomorrow you will be safe back in Coldridge Valley.” “But what if they come while I am sleeping?” “Fear not, tonight Hyou shall stay in my room. I vill keep watch and ensure your safety.”

With that he led me to his room. I had never seen it before, it was sparsely furnished for someone who had been in residence for so long in Ironforge. Besides they usual furnishings provided by the Inn there was one rather large bag in one corner. Sticking out of the bag I could see the handle of a weapon. Rostislaav picked up the bag with ease and walked back to the doorway. “Please make Hyourself comfortable, I will change in one of the extra rooms.” With that I was alone.
I thought about changing into the sleeping clothes I often carried with me, but decided that if something happened I’d be better off If I just had to grab my boots and go. So I kept my new armor on, made sure my gun was loaded and placed both it and my axe in easy reach and lay down. I must have been more tired than I thought because I fell asleep right away. I remember waking up once that night thinking I had heard a strange noise. Standing in the doorway with his back to me was a fully equipped Dranei Paladin with a massive mace across his back. Feeling safe I went back to sleep.

“Bryanne! Vake up! Vake up!” Rostislaav was shaking me awake sounding very urgent. “What is it?” “The Scourge! Zombies have been appearing in Booty Bay and I just got vord of one in Stormwind!”

By the time Rostislaav had finished his sentence I had my boots on and had grabbed my axe and rifle. “What do we do?” “Hyou will go back to Chillbreeze valley and varn everyone on the way, I vill stay here and help defend the city.” “But I want to fight!” I pouted. Rostislaav’s features softened “Bryanne, the others must be warned and while you have a fire in you few lack, you are not yet experienced enough in combat to face a threat like this. I vould never forgive myself if I let hyou stay and hyou got hurt or vorse. Please for the love of the light, go! I vill go vith hyou as far as the city gates, but hyou must warn the others!”

Mrs. Firebrew appeared and handed me a small package “this will fill your belly this morning but not weigh you down, Deary. Please be makin sure my cousins in Kharanos are warned will ye?” “Aye, I’ll tell them personally, tis the least I could do after Yesterday.” Mrs. Firebrew chuckled “remind me when this is over and I’ll tell ye some stories about want yer father has done here. My dear you no trouble compared to him! Now, best be off with ye.” I gave her a quick hug and with Rostislaav at my side headed towards the city gates. It wasn’t that far to the gates, but Rostislaav spent the entire time assuring me he would be OK. Still as I gave him a hug goodbye I couldn’t help but feel like something was going to go terribly wrong.

It’s a good thing that I always jog when I go places, because today I needed to run. My first stop was at Razzle and Ozzies. The two Gnomes were happy to see me as always and didn’t seem at all concerned about the Scourge. “Don’t you worry, we have ways of avoiding them should they get this far.” They spotted my gun and spent a few minutes fawning over its construction “Trained by a Gnome if I ever saw it” was Razzle’s comment to which Ozzie agreed. I said my goodbyes and went to warn the Firebrew’s cousins. Their reaction was entirely different from the Gnomes. As they both grabbed packs and prepared to leave. “We hae a safe place in the mountains if ye want ta come with us lass.” I declined as I had been entrusted with spreading the warning.

I got through the pass with no trouble at all, the Troggs were nowhere to be seen. Preparations for the defense of the valley began immediately after I arrived. So here I sit in my own room thinking of all the people back in Ironforge. We have already heard word of a few zombies in the city. I hope Rostislaav is all right, I just can’t shake that odd feeling…

Bryanne’s Diary Monday October 20, 2008 (Earth Date)

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Dear Journal,

Wow! What a lousy way to begin this. My Uncle, Thorgas Grimson, recommended I keep this journal for all who may consider following in my path.

My name is Bryanne and I am a Dwarf. For the last seven years I have lived with my Uncle in Coldridge Valley while my father has explored Azeroth, the Outlands and engaged in battle with the Horde and the Burning Legion. Today is my birthday and to celebrate I went to Ironforge to do some clothes shopping.

After a brief visit with Razzle and Ozzie, my two gnome friends in Kharanos, I headed home to Anvilmar. Upon my return I found my Uncle waiting for me with a rather large package. Attached to the package was a note from my father:

My Dear Daughter,

Today marks your coming of age. So in the tradition of our clan I have made a gift for you that will hopefully aid you as you make your own mark in this world. Do not be afraid to replace this gift if better items become available, these are only to get you started.

All my love.


I opened to package to find clothing far more suitable for adventuring in the wild than what I usually wore. These garments were leather and while as flexible as my softest silk outfit, were tougher than any hide I had yet encountered. I rushed to my room to try them on and was amazed at how well they fit, almost as if they were a second skin.

As I emerged from my room my Uncle said to me: “Aye, now there’s a dashing lass of adventure if I ever saw one!” “Thank ye” said I while hoping a blush didn’t show through.

“So have ye thought of what ye might do next Bryanne, being as your 40 now and all?” “Indeed I have Uncle.” I replied “Make no mistake I love it here in Coldridge Valley and you’ve done a right proper job taking care of me in my father’s absence…” “Don’t give it a thought lass” my Uncle scoffed “Ye’ve done more looking after me than I have you. Yer as sharp as they come, now spare me the speeches and tell me what your up to!”

“Very well Uncle, I plan to join my Father in his adventures.” “Ha!” He exclaimed “Old Nori Pridedrift owes me a Scalding Mornbrew now! Ah how I wish I be goin’ with ye lass! All the sights the creatures, you may even get to meet one of those mysterious Dranei.”

“I have already met a Dranei, in fact I am sort of friends with him.” With this revelation my Uncle’s eyebrows looked as if they were getting ready to march over the bald peak of his head and join the tuft he had left in the back. “You know a Dranei already?” he said “Tell me lass what are they like?”

“Well, his name is Rostislaav. The poor fellow was badly crippled in a fight with some Orcs in the Red Ridge Mountains. Now he spends all of his time in Firebrew’s Inn drinking what little profit he makes from selling the explosives and small robots he creates.”

“When he is somewhat sober he talks longingly about his lost family jewels and offers his deepest appreciation to anyone who could get their hands on them for him. I would love to help him find his lost gems but he is never sober enough for to tell me if they were lost when The Exodar crashed, or in the unfortunate smelting accident he sometimes mentions.”

Uncle Grimson chose this moment to burst into the biggest fit of laughter I had ever seen in a Dwarf. Tears the size of grapes were rolling down his cheeks when he finally regained his composure. “My dear Bryanne” he gasped “in spite of all you know it appears ye are lacking in worldly knowledge. Your dear Dranei friend isn’t looking for gems. In fact I can assure you it is very unlikely he is missing his family jewels at all!”

“Well if his family jewels aren’t gems Uncle, what are they?” I asked in what was probably not one of my finest moments. When he told me I do not know what turned my skin redder, the embarrassment or the rage over being taken in by such a base prank. “That’s it!” I yelled advancing on my Uncle “tomorrow I’m goin’ to Ironforge an if that ruttin’ Dranei isn’t missing his family jewels I’ll make good an’ sure he knows right where they are!”

“Whoa whoa lassie I ain’t no Dranei remember? I’m also smart enough not to get in your way when you’re in a mood like this! After you do your morning chores you can go to Ironforge, just try not to wreck the place!” “I’ll make no promises, but I’ll do my best Uncle.”

So tomorrow I’m going back to Ironforge and this time I have mayhem in mind.