Bryanne’s Diary Monday October 20, 2008 (Earth Date)

Dear Journal,

Wow! What a lousy way to begin this. My Uncle, Thorgas Grimson, recommended I keep this journal for all who may consider following in my path.

My name is Bryanne and I am a Dwarf. For the last seven years I have lived with my Uncle in Coldridge Valley while my father has explored Azeroth, the Outlands and engaged in battle with the Horde and the Burning Legion. Today is my birthday and to celebrate I went to Ironforge to do some clothes shopping.

After a brief visit with Razzle and Ozzie, my two gnome friends in Kharanos, I headed home to Anvilmar. Upon my return I found my Uncle waiting for me with a rather large package. Attached to the package was a note from my father:

My Dear Daughter,

Today marks your coming of age. So in the tradition of our clan I have made a gift for you that will hopefully aid you as you make your own mark in this world. Do not be afraid to replace this gift if better items become available, these are only to get you started.

All my love.


I opened to package to find clothing far more suitable for adventuring in the wild than what I usually wore. These garments were leather and while as flexible as my softest silk outfit, were tougher than any hide I had yet encountered. I rushed to my room to try them on and was amazed at how well they fit, almost as if they were a second skin.

As I emerged from my room my Uncle said to me: “Aye, now there’s a dashing lass of adventure if I ever saw one!” “Thank ye” said I while hoping a blush didn’t show through.

“So have ye thought of what ye might do next Bryanne, being as your 40 now and all?” “Indeed I have Uncle.” I replied “Make no mistake I love it here in Coldridge Valley and you’ve done a right proper job taking care of me in my father’s absence…” “Don’t give it a thought lass” my Uncle scoffed “Ye’ve done more looking after me than I have you. Yer as sharp as they come, now spare me the speeches and tell me what your up to!”

“Very well Uncle, I plan to join my Father in his adventures.” “Ha!” He exclaimed “Old Nori Pridedrift owes me a Scalding Mornbrew now! Ah how I wish I be goin’ with ye lass! All the sights the creatures, you may even get to meet one of those mysterious Dranei.”

“I have already met a Dranei, in fact I am sort of friends with him.” With this revelation my Uncle’s eyebrows looked as if they were getting ready to march over the bald peak of his head and join the tuft he had left in the back. “You know a Dranei already?” he said “Tell me lass what are they like?”

“Well, his name is Rostislaav. The poor fellow was badly crippled in a fight with some Orcs in the Red Ridge Mountains. Now he spends all of his time in Firebrew’s Inn drinking what little profit he makes from selling the explosives and small robots he creates.”

“When he is somewhat sober he talks longingly about his lost family jewels and offers his deepest appreciation to anyone who could get their hands on them for him. I would love to help him find his lost gems but he is never sober enough for to tell me if they were lost when The Exodar crashed, or in the unfortunate smelting accident he sometimes mentions.”

Uncle Grimson chose this moment to burst into the biggest fit of laughter I had ever seen in a Dwarf. Tears the size of grapes were rolling down his cheeks when he finally regained his composure. “My dear Bryanne” he gasped “in spite of all you know it appears ye are lacking in worldly knowledge. Your dear Dranei friend isn’t looking for gems. In fact I can assure you it is very unlikely he is missing his family jewels at all!”

“Well if his family jewels aren’t gems Uncle, what are they?” I asked in what was probably not one of my finest moments. When he told me I do not know what turned my skin redder, the embarrassment or the rage over being taken in by such a base prank. “That’s it!” I yelled advancing on my Uncle “tomorrow I’m goin’ to Ironforge an if that ruttin’ Dranei isn’t missing his family jewels I’ll make good an’ sure he knows right where they are!”

“Whoa whoa lassie I ain’t no Dranei remember? I’m also smart enough not to get in your way when you’re in a mood like this! After you do your morning chores you can go to Ironforge, just try not to wreck the place!” “I’ll make no promises, but I’ll do my best Uncle.”

So tomorrow I’m going back to Ironforge and this time I have mayhem in mind.


~ by beastclaw on January 21, 2009.

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