Bryanne’s Diary November 7th 2008 (earth date)

Dear Journal,

Oh, my aching head. Yesterday we finally finished clearing the last of the debris from the battle. The remnants of the scourge received no formal funeral they were simply burned from a distance by Mages and Warlocks. Warlocks, ugh. I’ve never much cared for them. Yes we have some here in Chillbreeze Valley, but usually no one knows who they are. My father’s group openly runs with Warlocks and I am surprised. When I asked my dad about it Yesterday he simply said "There be bad Warlocks, and there be useful Warlocks these be useful to us."

Last night The Silver Fang started a huge celebration for all of us who survived the battle. There was ale, rum and wine aplenty and not a small amount of food. I wound up at a table with my father, Alyesia, Sarmaara and four Night Elves. Kethnisrad was apparently a Warrior by trade and married to Hatharaias who was a Druid healer. Tanin and Ridelvia were married as well and both Druids. For a time their constant shape shifting kept me giggling. I was able to find out that each form had its advantages and that they would change forms in combat as the situation warranted.

After we’d ate till we were about to burst the drinking contests began. Alyesia and Sarmaara seemed intent on trying to drink everyone under the table. Trouble is they were two Dranei Females in the presence of Dwarves. I’d never been much of a drinker, but I did my best to keep up with my Father. I know I failed at some point because I woke up this morning sprawled across the table I was sitting at last night. Tanin and Ridelvia were still there too, still sitting down, leaning against each other and snoring lightly.

I decided to check and see if my father had made it safely back to his tent. I rolled off the table, stood up and immediately regretted it. Everything started spinning I went down on one knee and grasped my head. After a few minutes I began to slowly make my way towards the mass of tents set up by The Silver Fang. On my way I passed Nori Pridedrift who stopped me and offered me a Scalding Mornbrew. "Drink it lass it’ll quiet the drums in yer head." I drank it and felt a little better. As I approached my father’s tent I noticed something unusual. Hoofprints! And not just one set of them, there were two going into his tent along with his bootprints. I decided not to go further and turned to leave and ran face first into Keruil Eyllis-Rae. "Ah, you must be Bryanne, Ardwyad’s Daughter." "Aye I am, sorry for running into ye sir." "There is no need for such formality young one" he said reassuringly "just call me Keruil." I was surprised by this and then thought of my goals I had discussed with my Uncle. "Keruil, may I ask ye a question?" "Sure you may, but first let’s move away from your father’s tent I don’t think we want to wake anyone up."

We walked back to where Nori was preparing a simple breakfast for everyone. I secured a plate of eggs, boar ribs a roll and another mug of Scalding Mornbrew. Keruil, as was customary of druids, refrained from meat and took some bread. "Now tell me Bryanne, what did you want to ask of me?" I gulped "Well, I recently came of age and have one desire I want to accomplish. I wish to join my father in his journies." Keruil regarded me solemnly "A worthy goal and from what I hear you acquitted yourself quite well in the battle here. However, you are not experienced enough to join us, yet." My heart sank I wouldn’t be joining my father after all. I felt the tears starting to well up. Keruil must have noticed this as he said "Do not despair young one I said ‘yet.’ Your father has seen battles that make the one you saw here look like the party you had last night. He has experience and training you do not, but I can help you get both. If you survive you will be more than welcome to join us."

"What must I do?" I asked "Seek out Grif Wildheart in Kharanos. Tell him your desire and he will start you on your path." "Aye I know him, I’ll ask him when I make my next trip to Ironforge." "Now Bryanne I must ask a question of you." "Of me?" "It is nothing major young one, I just want to know what it is with your father and goats." I looked up shocked and he burst out laughing. "Thought I did not notice did you?" "Aye, I had hoped, but I cannae tell ye. My father has sworn me to secrecy." Keruil chuckled some more. "That bad? Well then I shall pry no more. Ah Ardwyad, we were just speaking of you. Come sit." My father looked a bit bewildered but it was hard to tell with the smug grin he was wearing. A few moment later Alyesia and Sarmaara appeared. I giggled to myself as it was obvious they were hoping no one noticed whose tent they’d come from. I glanced at Keruil and he gave me an exaggerated wink causing my giggle to turn into a full blown guffaw. My father looked at Keruil and said "I dinnae know what that was about but if ye keep it up Keruil I’ll tell me daughter about how ye got splinters from a healer." Anyone who was awake to hear that burst out laughing and Keruil blushed and replied "I surrender, you shall never let me live that story down will you?" "Aye, yer screaming caused me to spill me last mug of Thunderbrew’s Hard Ale I saw that trip. I was in mourning fer a week!" "Good morning everyone" Interrupted Hatharaias sweetly. I’m glad to see some of you are awake even if you do look like you were rode hard and put away wet." I heard muffled gasp and glanced at Alyesia and Sarmaara. Sure enough Dranei can indeed blush!

I need to hurry as we are headed to Kharanos to see if they need any help cleaning up after the attacks. I’ll also get to check in on Razzle and Ozzie while I am there. Hopefully they are OK!


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